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  1. Hi All Hoping to compile all Q&As relating to visa stamping in Mexico. I have an approved H1B (3rd H1B) and I am planning to go to Mexico based US consulate for my visa. My questions are : 1) I've heard that when you go to Mexico, as you leave USA, they give you a 14 day I94 that allows you to get back into USA even if your visa is rejected in the Mexico based USA consulate. 2) Has anyone had a visa rejection in mexico and returned to USA to continue to work on the approved H1B? 3) Has anyone been to the Mexico USA Consulate recently? What's the situation like there? Are we expected to carry so many documents as are being listed in the other forums (by H1B visa seekers attending interviews in consulates in India)? All of a sudden the situation has turned so scary for us. Some of us are in the process of buying houses and other properties here in US and can't afford to invest anymore with a sense of comfort given so much uncertainty about us being able to travel in/out of USA (due to the visa stamping issues). Prayers to all. Thank you.
  2. Hello Friends Thanks for all the posts. My knowledge of the current visa stamping process in India is very outdated. Please can someone describe to me the below items: 1) What is EVC model? 2) What is 221 G Green with passport? 3) What is 221 G Green without passport? 4) What are the other possible cases of 221Gs? Is the visa stamping process not the same old anymore? Are we really expected to carry so many documents? I haven't been to usa consulate after 2008 and it appears that the whole process of visa stamping has undergone numerous changes. Thank you
  3. To Giles and all Thank you for everything. Receipt Date - sep 9 2011. (after an approved I140 after 6 yrs on H1B) Approved On - Feb-16-2012 Emailed Received on - Feb-16-2012 thanks to everyone for the support. Good luck to everyone, Looks like patience is the key. They are taking time but certainly working on processing our applications. Peace!
  4. Hi all Receipt Date - sep 9 2011. (Regular H1B extension after 6 yrs and an approved I140) Approval Date - Feb-16-2012 Date Email Received - Feb-16-2012 Thanks for all the updates posted, thanks to murthy forum. Good luck to all. Patience does help (try to relax, if you can and dont stress out as long as your driver's license is still valid :-) Regards
  5. To Giles08 - My receipt date is Sep 9 2011. I've I140 approved. My status is 'initial review' as on feb-15-2012.
  6. To Terminator762002 thanks for posting the details. That gives me a hope. I concluded my application must gone for a toss somewhere, lol. My receipt date is Sep-9-2011 and there's no news yet.
  7. To Venkat521 - Based on the response in this forum, apparently, there's no pattern or order or sequence in which the approvals are happening. I've seen approvals of applications submitted on Sep 17-2011 and you're still waiting for an approval of your application submitted in August '11. I wonder though if USCIS (VSC) has any tool to monitor why so many applications are still not processed. My receipt date is Sep 9 2011 and there's no news. My attorney says 'regular applications' can take anywhere between 2 to 6 months to get processed. Good luck to you and me and others who are waiting.
  8. To Ssrimal Were you able to extend/renew your driver's license? If yes, what paper did you use to extend the DL? Also, how long is your DL extended for (if it is renewed). My receipt date is Sep 9 and there's no news yet. I need to renew my DL soon. Best Ripi
  9. Hi rr2012 Thanks for the post. When did you receive the email that your h1b has been approved? I believe your category is different from mine as my application is an extension after 6 yrs based on I140. Congratulations and thanks for the post. My receipt date is Sep 9 2011 (extension of H1B/H4 after 6 yrs on I140) at VSC. Will keep you guys posted when I receive any updates on my application. Thank you
  10. Did anyone receive approvals with a receipt date of Sep-3-2011 or later? Please post. Thank you.
  11. Hi GC_Aspirant. Thank you for the posts. Did you try to extend your expired license with a copy of your receipt or did you try to obtain a DL for the first time using your receipt? Please clarify. I've the original DL and need to extend it before it expires on Feb 2 using a photocopy of the receipt. Thanks
  12. Hi USGuy Was yours a new application or an extension of H1B? Please let us know. Have you seen/known any approvals where the application date is in Sep-2011 ? Thank you R
  13. Receipt Date: Sep 9 2011. Regular H1B/H4 (after I140 Approval post 6 years) extension at VSC. Status - Initial Review (as on Jan 9 2012) Does anyone know if we can extend the driver's license by showing a photocopy (not the original receipt) of the receipt? Please respond. Thank you.
  14. Hi My Receipt Date - Sep/9/2011 Case Type - H1B and H4 Extn using I-140 Case Status - Initial review (as on dec 15 2011). Who has had a recent approval and what are your receipt dates please?