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  2. nandivelugu

    H1-B with the client aft 221G from the employer

    haritha can you please share your interview experience? Did consulate people contacted your employer and client?
  3. nandivelugu

    Visa Approved after 221g @HYD Consulate

    @skumarg77 Congrats My case is similar to you Yesterday i attended the interview, after one hour interview he took my LCA,I797,client and vendor letter (all originals) after that he gave me a paper like you signed. but he didn't give any query paper to me In which way they contacted employer and client by phone or email I have I797 valid upto September5,2012, i am very much tensed can any one tell me how to followup the consulate to speedup the process.
  4. Yes, I797 expired on dec 14th. i applied extension in december unfortunately my pd is current now, i got frustrated
  5. Hi folks, I came to india for marriage on may7th,2011. i got 221(g) on may 10th at hyderabad consulate. I have labor and I-140. Still i didn't get any response from Consulate. On Dec14 th my I-797 is expired, based on I-140 i applied extention(7th year extention) from the same employer and same client. Again I got RFE from USCIS. My employer has some financial problems and tax problems. Unfortunately, My GC is current Now. Is there any chance to apply i-485 from india? Can anyone suggest me what i can do in this situation?
  6. nandivelugu

    I-485 is current but i am in india now

    thanks for the suggestions and i have one more question I have to go with same employer or have a chance to go with another employer?
  7. Hi lostpacket, First of all Congrats. I came to india for marriage on may 7th 2011, attended interview on may10th,2011,got 221(g) yellow Unfortunately, my I-797 is expired on decemebr 14th,2011 Is there chance to give the visa ? is your I-797 expired ?
  8. nandivelugu

    asked to withdraw my h1b application at Hyd consulate

    hi mahesh , I am also sailing in same boat. Have you withdrawn your application? what your attorney suggest? I was attended visa onterview at may 10th still ididn't any response. my I-797 is expired on dec 16th. I applied extension based on I-140 at uscis
  9. Hi Folks, This is Madhavareddy Nandivelugu I came to the U.S.Consulate for H1B stamping on May 10th, 2011 at hyderabad(India) I received a query.Based on the query I submitted all the relevant supporting documents to the U.S. Consulate on June 01st, 2011. I didn't hear anything from the consulate My Visa End date is DEC 14 th,2011. I had a long term contract with client .still they are waiting for me to come back and resume my job. I Got my labour and I-140. would really appreciate it if u provide any suggestions to got visa
  10. @Forum man if i Got the chance to meet senator I got query on hyd consulate i heard if senator calls or send emails they will tell the status to which consulate he needs to call Hyd Consulate or USCIS what is the phone no's and mail ids he can call or send email. thanks
  11. @Forumman, I am sorry to hear that your visa is rejected. Now i am trying with attorney, i filed G-28 . Do you know after filing G-28 in how many days we are going to get the respone. Mine also EVC Model. I came to know that Consulate ppl doesn't like the EVC .They approved only EC
  12. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to apply for new h1.but everybody asking po between employer and vendor. i donno what to do Please suggest me what i have to do My email id: nandivelugu@******.com