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  1. VSR676

    221G blue slip at Ottawa

    @CentaurusA yes she asked me about my masters thesis and it's kinda related to AI and asked me did I worked anything related to my thesis after that, which I never worked. My School is not reputed. It's a ordinary school.
  2. VSR676

    221G blue slip at Ottawa

    I am in EC model and i did my masters in Computer Science, java developer level 4 wage level
  3. Please reply on this thread for any 221Gs at Ottawa. Had my interview on May 4th. Asked the basic questions and asked more about my masters program and research and took my CV and University transcript and given 221g blue slip and returned the passport. Please let me know if any one in the same boat.
  4. VSR676


    @prince_2794 I have updated my email contact in my profile. Please contact we can get in touch and plan. Thanks
  5. VSR676


    @tarana03 even i am planning to go end of October or early November. Can you please share your email ? I have couple of questions on where to start and the process flow.
  6. VSR676

    URGENT - "Does NOT have CLIENT Letter" case

    Hi All, I had the similar situation back on June 13th 2012 at ottawa,Canada. I was asked for client letter in my interview by VO i have showed him the letter from my client HR stating that they cannot provide any letters to contractors unless they get the request from consulate. He went through that email print out and he approved my visa.Mine is EC model. I have made sure with my HR that i can take a print out of the email what they sent me.
  7. Hi, You can use this link and send it to your friends if you have any one in Newyork,Washington DC and there are other places where they will issue your passport on the next day. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/imm5476e.pdf
  8. Hi, Thanks one and all for updating this forum with there experiences which helped me in preparing mine. Reached the consulate by 9.40am and went through security check went through the counter where we take the token numbers she asked me my passport and I797. Once done went to counter 4 for finger prints and done with that. Around 10.30 AM my number was called and went to counter 2(Chinese guy). 1) What's your title? A) XXXX 2) What's your role and responsibilities? A) XXXX 3) Whose your end client and do you have any vendors in btw? A) no direct client 4) How big is your employer? A) Small less than 50 employee's 5) Do you have any end client letter? A) No but i have an email from my client which states that they can't issue letters unless and until they receive a request from consulate he went through that print out email which i have given. VO: your visa is approved Good luck to all !!!
  9. VSR676

    H1b stamping in ottawa

    we both have on June 13th 10.45am me from dallas and my friend would be travelling from NY by train. Yes we booked the hotel which is 3miles away from embassy. reddynec@gmail.com is my contact. Please email your number.
  10. VSR676

    H1b stamping in ottawa

    Hi hkola, Me and my friend having the stamping appt on the same day at that location. We are planning to fly.
  11. VSR676

    H1b stamping in ottawa

    hi hkola, Me and my friend is also having on the same day @ottawa on June 13th. but we are planning to fly.
  12. My Case: EC Model Master's :Aug'2007-Dec'2008 Opt :Jan'2009-Sep'2009 First H1B:Oct'2009-Sep'2012 Currently i am working with prime vendor(A employer) and direct client. I am planning to apply my h1 transfer in April'2012 to B employer which in turn owned by A employer with different name.This change is mainly for getting my EB3(having approved I-140 with A employer) to EB2(B Employer) green card porting.In case Upon successful transfer i will be in the same project same location but EVC modal. In that case how would be my stamping chances and what would be kind of questions i can face? I can ext my H1B with A employer it self if the chances of stamping are narrow and once returning from stamping i can thinking of the EB3 to EB2 porting. Now I am planning to Visit India and get stamping done which is first time with H1b extended. Missing 4 paystubs in 2009 where i was in bench at that time on OPT. Except that I got all the paystubs till date. Now If I go for stamping in the next two months what are the possible questions I am going to face during a Visa Interview. Please help me out in this situation. Thanks a lot in advance.