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  1. I would like to share my recent experience of H1B visa stamping at Matamoros, Mexico. Hopefully, this thread can be helpful for others who need it. Details ===== Date of Stamping: December 8th, 2015 US VISA Requested: H1B Location: Matamoros, Mexico Appointment time: 9 am Status chain: H1B ext Consular Trip Service used: Salvador services (Extremely helpful) Documents I brought with me ====================== 1. Passport (old and recent) 2. Form DS 156 confirmation 3. Degree Certificate 4. I-140 Copy 5. Pay stubs 6. H1B filing documents 7. I-797 (Approval Notice) 8. Employment Verification Letter / Offer Letter 9. W-2's 10. Bank Statements Tip === 1. Remember all your documentation! 2. Come to either Brownsville, TX or Harlingen, TX (cities near the border) a day before your finger print appointment. 3. If you fly, I suggest don't buy return ticket immediately. You may need to stay overnight at Matamoros since the VISA processing for Third Country can take up to 24 hours. 4. During the interview, only answers the questions they ask. Do not explain too much as they might get confused and will ask you more and more questions. Experience ======== Visa stamping in Matamoros is very simple and easy. you can use Salvador Service to help you with the transportation, it is all up to you. I flew to Brownsville, TX, TX on Dec 6th, 2015 and Mr. Salvador came to pick me up. Since I would like to be in the Consulate early the next day. The next day, Dec 7th , Salvador picked me up at 8:30 am at the hotel for finger printing . We are done with ASC center finger prints in 15 minutes and back to hotel. We went straight to the US Consulate at Matamoros. The next day, Dec 8th , Salvador picked me up at 7:30 am at the hotel. We went straight to the US Consulate. Just after I entered the consulate, the front desk checked my Passport, I-129 and I-797. Interviewer: Good morning Me: Good morning. Interviewer: What do you do for living? Me: XXXXX Interviewer: Where are you located? Me: XXXXX Interviewer: For what company are you going to be working? Me: ABC company Interviewer: Show me your i-140 copy Me: XXXXX Interviewer: Show me your degree certificate? Me: XXXXX Interviewer: Congratulations your visa is approved Me: Thank you. Have a nice day. I have n't received my passport on the same day. It took 3 days for them to return my passport . Usually people will get it on the same day or next day. In my case some information is missing that's the reason it took long. In case of delay be patient and visit consulate daily. Got my Passport on 12/11 and reached border at 04:00 pm I walked to the CBP office (located exactly at the border), and paid 30 cents to cross the border. I gave them my passport and waited for 1 hour!!! In the CBP office: 1. My fingerprints recorded 2. They ask few questions like: - Where are you gonna be staying in the US - Who is you employer? 3. Paid $6.00 for I-94 then I crossed back to US!!! That is it... It wasn't as bad as I expected. If anyone has any questions regarding my experience, you are more than welcome to ask and I will be glad to answer.
  2. prince_2794

    matamoros-stamping questions

    Hi , Does any one has collected list of consular questions or required documents list for stamping. Please send it to me to my mail which is available in profile.. Thanks is advance..
  3. Hi, Is there anyone going to matamoros for stamping Dec 7th ? Please contact me .. my email address is in profile.. Thanks...
  4. prince_2794

    Matamoros Visa stamping Nov 12

    Hi Srini.. All the best..I am planning to go in second week of december..Please contact me on ************ATgmail
  5. Hi Alirani, I am planning to go for stamping.. Need few details.. could you please share your mail id or get in touch with me on *************@gmail.com Thanks,,
  6. prince_2794


    Hi Tarana03 and New103, I am planning to go for stamping at . Could you please let me know your email so that I can get in touch with you.. Thanks..
  7. prince_2794

    H1B stamping -8th year

    travelling to India is expensive for whole family.. why do we need to go to home country.. is is mandatory?
  8. prince_2794

    H1B stamping -8th year

    Hi Friends, I am on my H1B 8th year and my i-140 is approved. Right now I had applied for amendment and waiting for approval. My Stamping expired in 2012 and it is with employer 'A'. Now I am with employer 'B' and working in Client-Vendor- Employer model. . Please suggest me whether I can go for stamping to Canada or Mexico. Is it safe? I am not planing to go to India for stamping. Thanks in advance.
  9. prince_2794

    Client Chage while I-140 is in processing

    Thanks but do we have this is quoting on USCIS website
  10. prince_2794

    Client Chage while I-140 is in processing

    Why would he with draws the application..I am still with the employer but switch to different client..Please let me know if you still stick to the same thing.
  11. prince_2794

    Client Chage while I-140 is in processing

    Hi Everyone, I had completed my 6 yrs on H1 and currently on Labor 1 yr extension. Recently applied for I-140 and I am working in EVC(Emplyer-Vendor-Client) model. Can I move to another client while my I-140 is in processing? or do I need to be with the same client tillI get my I-140. Thanks in advance
  12. Successful stamping at Ottawa!! on March 5th 1. After the security check they asked me give my passport, DS160 and 1797A form. 2. Then you will be asked to get your token number where he will ask you All letters from Employer Vendor and Cleint (Client letter is must in Ottawa). 3. You will be issued a Token number. 3. Your finger prints will be taken. 4. You will be called for the interview. My Visa Officer was a cool guy, though he asked me number of question it was a pleasant interview. VO: How are you doing? Me: Great! How are you. VO: Where are you working? Me: I am working at Client location thru my Employer. VO: Do you have a ny vendor in between, if so letter please? Me: Yes, gave my vendor letter, which I did not give at the token counter, as he asked me only Employer and client letters. VO: What is your client, I mean what does it do? Me: Explained about my client , what is it actually. VO: What is your role? Me: briefly decribed my job duties and resposibilities. VO: Are you on system Admin side? Me: No, I am a Programmer Analyst. VO: What is your Emplopyer COmpany? Me: Explained about it. VO: Location of yoour client place? Me: Told him the exact location of my client place. Vo: Whom do you report to? Me: My employer VO: How many employees are there in your company? Me: XX VO: Where did you work previously? Me: XX my previous employer's company name and place. VO: Why did you change your company? Me: Present Employer has predominant clients, growth oppurtunities and as my Pay rate is also high here. VO: Show me LCA, I129..and all docs related to Employer? Me: Gave him all the supporting letters, LCA, I129 VO: Your Visa is approved and you can collect your passport in 2-3 business days. Me: Thank you and have a gud day! Basically take all the documents with you especially your client letter and be very confident with smiling face. You will crack it. All the very Best!!
  13. prince_2794

    Stamping at ottawa--urgent

    Thanks for response too brown
  14. prince_2794

    Stamping at ottawa--urgent

    Hi I am going to ottawa stamping on March5th..Below is my back ground and questions I have..Please answer them ASAP.Thanks in advance.please contact me on mhk1024 at gmail dot com My background: Highest degree: M.S from us Client: Working at client place from more than 14 months H1-B approval date: Aug'2011 Client Letter: Have client letter with Aug dat..Client refuse to d gave with current date..but if embassy calls him..He can assist me Model of work: EVC Questions I have: 1. Where are you working? (location) - Ans: Client Location 2. Whom you are reporting? Ans: Cleint manager???? or my employer? 3. Should I carry old clinet letter? 4. with the above back ground what kind of questions I may expect
  15. prince_2794

    Successful stamping @Ottawa feb27th

    Hi Jag congratulations could you please help me out in getting accomodation please mail me at mhk1024 at gmail dot com