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  1. I have no idea, but would like to know if you contacted any attorney, what is the outcome.
  2. If you paid the taxes and filed returns on time, that should not be an issue. They may take some time to verify. Please update about your application, it helps the people who are also waiting for citizenship.
  3. yes, visit the local office, they will process a new card.
  4. In India, the passport office made a mistake in writing my name years ago, and I continued with that name for long, and received GC with that name.After applying for Citizenship, in the hope that I may get my citizenship soon, I got my name corrected from a local court.While waiting for Citizenship, my Indian passport came up for renewal. This time I submitted the court documentation for name correction and received the Indian passport with the correct name.Now the name on GC does not match with the passport.Does it create any problems during travel? while leaving USA or entering USA?Do I need to apply for GC renewal/re-issue with the correct name?Thanks in advance.
  5. My friend worked in USA for some time on H1b, and has an approved i140. During the pandemic, his employer sent him to India and asked him to work remotely, and they removed him from US payroll and put him on India payroll.As of now, he has approved H1b petition until 2022, but NO visa stamping, his employer may not send him for stamping until they find an on-site position.He wants to come back to USA by applying for H1b Transfer. Can he do that while in India and with no visa stamp, no US pay stubs?Thanks in advance.
  6. My interview was scheduled by San Francisco office in July'19. Couple days before interview they de-scheduled it. Did not hear any after that. submitted “outside normal processing time” service requests 2 times, first time received reply as 'we are reviewing your case'. Second time as 'your application is waiting for adjudication'. I applied in August 2018, my neighbor applied 10 months later in April 2019, he already got the citizenship from same San Francisco office. Now the receipt date for inquiry at SFO office is Nov 24, 2018, that is 3 months beyond my application date. What should I do now? thanks in advance.
  7. My friend worked in US on H1b some time ago, later he moved to India after i140 approval. He wants to apply for GC consular processing, his employer agreed to support. When he sought legal advice on how to proceed, one attroney said its better to submit affidavit of support from family members in US along with DS260 application, another attorney said that its employment based GC, so affidavit of support from family members does not help, so do not submit affidavit of support. Can you please share your experiences and opinions on to submit the affidavit of support or not. thanks in advance.
  8. randy_gc

    H1B extension

    your latest H1b petition will have i140 approval copy, and your employer should give complete copy of petition to you, if you go for stamping the visa officer looks for that approval copy. So check the h1b petition.
  9. randy_gc

    RFE on child's i485

    Yes, it turned out to be for finger prints, I sent a check, waiting for response. Thank you buster_123 for sharing your experiences.
  10. randy_gc

    RFE on child's i485

    yesterday I received an email saying they sent RFE on my child's 485. She is a minor, just turned 14. What informatin they need on minor's application? Please share your thoughts and experiences. I called the customer service, they don't have any extra information than the online case status. Thanks in advance.
  11. randy_gc

    I 485 denied as priority dates r not up

    check with another competent lawyer, may be from murthy.com. once he works, H4 is gone