I had my H1 interview in Chennai today (09/21/11) and was handed 221g green at last after 5 mins of interview. I am very much disappointed now and dont know what do and even after submitting all the checked documents i am not sure how long will it take and what the outcome will be. Here is my interview questions Lady VO: pass me the folder me: gave her the green folder which had i797, i129 and lca vo: what happened to your previous h1 me: it was denied in canada stating that my employer was unable to provide qualifying employment vo: how much is you salary? me:told vo: whats ur designation now? me: told vo:how long r u working for this employer? me: its a new emplyment which will start from next month vo: where will u be working me: told vo: whos ur client me: client is **** but the project will be developed inhouse in my employers site vo: what is the project about me: told Now she took the 221g green form and ticked all of the petitioners information and asked to submit in VFS drop box and returned my passport, i797, lca. at this time i told her that i have most of the docs and can provide here now but then she insisted me to drop off in at VFS drop box. I am very much disappointed guys, i was very confident that i will get through this time but then i believe god had other plans. I will keep this posting alive till i will know the outcome of my case and i dont know how long it will take. btw i am into EC model guys. This forum has been helpful for me and so wanted to update you guys about my status. God bless you all and my wait continues from today Vijai