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J1 waiver , Employer A being Acquired by Employer B , Totally new contract

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I am on J1 waiver with 3 year contract ending on June 2017 


My hospital Employer A is affiliated with Employer B for 2 years now , But i am employed by Hospital  A 

In January of 2017 , Employer B is planning to end our contract with Employer A and provide new contract , which include salary and vacation changes( for worse )  , which employer A is requesting us to voluntarily sign Employer B contract 

My hospital is still present it is just physician contract which are changing 


No my question is 


My employer A is not honoring my J1 contract , is it a ground for me to move out of current employer as this change in contract is being done forcibly against physician interest 


I have approved i 140 , with new change in employer , should i refile for PERM and i 140 


Will this change affect my J1 waiver 



Can i file a lawsuit if in case my employer doesn't honor the J1 waiver contract and terminate without finishing 3 years 

( our contract clause says no changes will be made to this contract by employer or physician for 3 years ) 

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I would discuss the matter URGENTLY with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice. If the new owners will not take over as successors in interest, you may be in trouble.

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