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i485 g325 biographic info

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Came to USA more than 10 years ago on F1. After completing Masters, been working on H1b. 

Used to go back to visit parents back in India. While i lived/worked  in US, my parents moved to different places in India. 


Employer filed employed based GC long time back. Dates current now. 


What is diff between G325 & G325A? Which one should be used?


So in the G-325 for the question "Applicant’s last address outside the United States of more than one year" :


Should it be the address mentioned in the passport 10 years ago ?

This is > 10 years ago, dont remember exact dates(from & to).


Can we give an earlier address where we at-least know exact dates ? This is in a different city  and time period 1997-1999?



Last occupation abroad if not shown above?

If you just completed undergrad(B.E) & came to usa for Masters ?

Should it be None or Un-Employed or leave it blank?

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1.Use G-325A

2. It should be the address you lived at( Permanent address) when you departed home country to start F-1 studies.

3. Write None. Instruction says "If none, so state".

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