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Need advice on my possible travel to India in few weeks.

Here is my current situation.

GC applied under EB1-C

I140 approved

I485 pending

I131 pending

I765 (new card to be produced) which I hope is an indication that my ead should come in next 7-10 working days. First question is - is that correct understanding?

My h1-B extension valid till 2018 but h1-b visa on my passport is expired as of October last year.

My main question is if I were to travel to India in a month and assuming my approved ead is with me at that time, do I need to get my h1-B stamped in India to re-enter US?

Ps - not sure if it will change response to my query but I also have a valid b1/b2 visa.

Please advice.

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Thanks for your response. 


I read about i765 EAD/AP combo card. On what basis will USCIS issue that? If that is issued (which I learnt is upto USCIS discretion), I don't need a separate AP card, right?


With my current I765 status as "Card was mailed to me" whereas I131 status as "pending", is that an indicator that I am not getting combo card?


Kindly let me know.

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I received my EAD card today and it is a combo card (with AP for 1 year)


Is it safe to assume that I can now travel outside US and return using this card without having to get my H1-B stamped in India?


Also, I learnt about filing an i9 for to travel. What is it needed and is it mandatory to fill it for my travel?

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