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H1B Visa Interview Experience@Hyd Apr 14, 2016

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Here it is my visa interview experience in Hyderabad on Apr 14,2014.

i have scheduled my travel to India from US. As My h1b visa expired , scheduled my visa appoinment.

My first visa interview happened in chennai. This time no convinient dates in chennai so booked in Hyd.

I have changed my employer since first visa interview. Ofcourse I'm not eligible for drop box as it is not expired with in 1 year(expired 19 months back). Below is my expirience.

VO: Good morning.

Me: Hey Good morning. How are you?

VO: Give me your I-797 copy.

Me: handed over.

VO: Where are you studied?

Me: ( confused for a while and thought that he is thinking I'm student) i said no I'm working for XXX client

VO: What is your education ?

Me: answered

VO: Where did you completed the education, USA or India ?

Me: india ( completed my MCA in India)

VO: Is XXX your client ?

Me: yup

VO: What you do for XXX client ?

Me: explained

VO: What is your salary ?

Me: answered

VO: What you do for your employer ?

Me: explained

VO: Can you brief more what you do for XXX client ?

Me: explained in detail.

VO: Alright. Did you got "Rights pamphlet " outside.

Me: nope I did n't get.

VO: given me pamphlet and told to read it to know rights when working in USA. And followed by those magical words "Your Visa is Approved"

Me: Thank you

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Congrats on your visa.


can you provide little more info on below questions,


On finger print day, what was the process.

- did you take any photographs with you. if not how much cash we need to take. if yes how many did you take.

- I guess we don't have to submit documents in much advance like 4 days before the finger print day.



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1) DS-160 confirmation page

2) H1B appointment confirmation

3) Passport

Just these 3 enough.

except these 3 nothing required.They will take the photo and 10 finger prints.

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