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"Other names" field question on DS160 for H1-B Visa Interview

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My full legal name is "Anshuman" Roy. At work, I go by "Ansh" for short at work and my work HR/Email System has a field for a "Preferred" name where I had put in "Ansh". 
All my legal documents all my life (Passport, Birth Certificate, paychecks, etc.) call my first name out as "Anshuman". I got an employment letter from work for my Visa Interview (just in case although not required) where they also list "Ansh" as the preferred name (along with my Legal name "Anshuman" too). 

Question is - Must I include "Ansh" as one of the "Other Names" asked in the DS160? I do not want to as I have never used that name in any legal capacity. 


If I do include it, do I have to get an affidavit now that they are the same people?

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You do not need to use your shortened name on the DS160 form. The "other names" field is for use only if you legally had some other name previously (such as name before marriage etc).

Also, why not just ask your HR to give you an employment letter without the shortened name if you are so concerned?

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