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Re-Entry to USA on O-1 Visa via Mexico

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Hi all,


I am currently on EAD since I applied for I-140 (green card). My I-140 is pending and my EAD expires 4/30/2016. I also have O-1 visa approved for 3 years and I already got the O-1 visa stamped in my Indian passport during my recent trip to India. When I returned to US most recently from India, I used AP at the port of entry instead of my O-1 visa since my I-140 is pending.


Now, since my EAD is expiring, I wish to transfer to O-1 visa. The plan is to drive to Mexico and return back on my O-1 visa.


My question is: Is there a minimum timelimit as to how long I can stay out of the country before I can return back to USA. I mean can I just drive to Mexico, make a U-turn and get back to USA or should I stay overnight before I can return back? Also, is an any disadvantage in driving there as opposed to flying there. Also, I don't have a Mexican visa - I see that I don't need a Mexican visa since I have a valid US visa, but that is another topic.


Please let me know if anyone had any personal experience with re-entering the USA - anticipated problems or precautions you took. Please share your thoughts.






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Do not drive in to Mexico. Take the tram to TIJUANA from San Diego. Cross the turnstiles and make a U turn. Why would you not renew the EAD? a FEW HUNDRED dollars' VS A FEW MILLIONS IN YOUR LIFE TIME HERE? fORGIVE THE CAPS. Too lazy to change.

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