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2nd Time H1B Extension with previous company I-140

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I have a approved I-140 with priority date with my old company "A"

Now I have moved to company "B" mid last year and they filed H1b and now I have my H1b from August, 2015 to June, 2018

I checked today and my I-140 is NOT revoked by my previous company "A"


Question #1:

Lets say my company "B" did not start my GC process.

If my I-140 with my company "A" is not revoked until June 2018, can company "B" file for 3 years H1b extension again for the second time?


Question #2:

Lets say my company "B" started my GC process

Do I have to get my new I-140 approved with company "B" to get the 3 year extension after June, 2018?


Question #3:

Are the below steps correct if company "B" has to start my GC process.

1. Apply PERM and get approved

2. Once PERM is approved, apply for I-140


Question #3:

What are the current processing times for 

1. PERM (for company of 7500 employees)

2. I-140  (for company of 7500 employees)



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