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I work for a consulting company. My employer delayed filing LCA for my current (xyz) location. I started at this new client on 14th April 2015, but the LCA was filed on 30th Sep 2015.

On my H1B renewal process (filed on 10th Jun 2015) I received an RFE with below comments.

In reviewing the provided LCA, the LCA was certified from 30th Sep 2015 to 30th Sep 2017 which does not cover the beneficiary’s work in xyz which started on 14th April 2015.


Currently, the USCIS is requesting to provide a valid LCA from 14th Apr 2015 to 29th Sep 2015 for xyz location which obviously we do not have.


Please advise, how this situation could be addressed.

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Working with out certified LCA is not a valid legal scenario.


Not sure what how your employer can do that.


No clue how come he will respond back to RFE 

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I am kinda in similar situation as yours. My employer missed to file the LCA on time and we found it out after 4 months and filed an LCA. got it approved and got my H1B amendment approved as well. I am now in India and went for visa stamping and got 221g blue slip. Client letter verification is happening now( Client informed they received a mail from USCIS) and I am wondering what if client provides my project start date which is 4 months earlier than the approved LCA. what kind of issues I might run into?


cud you plz share what happened with your case?

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Hi Guys, I am in exact same situation, My employer didn't file an LCA for my new client/location from July'17-Dec'17  and now the extension of h1b has received an RFE to explain the same.

Please let me know if anyone got through this successfully and what was the response..


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