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Urgent re-enter on h4 from mexico

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Hi Guys,


need urgent help.................

I was on h1b I am planning to re-enter US on my preivious h4 to correct my status.I heard if we travel to mexico by land we get a paper i-94.


Can you please help:-


1. What all documents i need to re-enter on h4?

2. Do i need to travel by air only?

3. Do we neeed to update i-94 after i re-enter or will it be done automatically?


p.s. Or a simple process if any one who has travelled by land can tell

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We were in same situation like you, but we went to Canada.


1. H4 visa enough( in my case, they did not ask any documents at port of entry)

2. Not sure, We travelled land

3. We don't have to enter or update any I-94.  They automated the I-94 process. We were not given any I-94, but I-94 was updated online in 15-30 minutes.

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Thanks MVS..... we also did it this weekend it was fine...

One doubt....................

My spouse who is on  h1b his online travel history is just showing departed date no arrival is it same in  your case? 

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