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H1B Transfer and Green Card Process Questions

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I am working for Employer A since 2010 when I was on OPT. My H1B started on 1Oct2011 and since then I am with employer A. I have my GC under process in EB2 category and my Priority date is Dec2013 and I have I-140 approved in June2015. I have my VISA, I797 and I94 until Sep2018 with employer A.


I have been offered a Fulltime position at my current client. It is very good opportunity. I am not sure if I will accept the offer as I have concern regarding my visa status. My questions are below:


1. My 5th year of H1B is going on. My 6 year of H1B will be completed in Sep2017. If I move to employer B, how soon they need to apply for the Green card?  Do my PERM and I-140 both need to be approved before completion of 6 years of H1B (Sep2017)?


2. What if the employer B apply for PERM after some time and it is still pending and my 6 years of H1B completed? Do I need to leave the country?


3. Can I apply for H1B renewal based on my previous I-140 approval? What if employer A revoke I140? 


4. Employer B needs to apply for PERM and I-140 again. But can I use my previous priority date(Dec2013)in either case I140 revoke or not?


5. I recently got married and my wife is going for H4 stamping in few weeks based on my employer A petition. I am not thinking to join employer B until she come to US. After she come to US and if I join employer B, can I apply for her H4-EAD based on my I140 approval with emplyer A?


6. After joining employer B and H1B transfer, do I also need to do H4 transfer?

If we leave the country, do we both need to do the stamping again?


I appreciate your response.


Thank you!



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