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Leaving for H1 stamping with shoplifting charge

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I was running some errands after my work at rite aid. I stupidly put an item worth $6 in my pocket since I had too many things to juggle. I forgot about it when I checkedout, most stupid thing I regret all my life. Just when I finish the checkout the manager is waiting to take me to a room.

She would not buy my explanation no matter what, she calls the cops and though the cops were reluctant. She emphasised on pressing the charge.

I was given a citation, no arrest or fingerprinting.

I hired a lawyer and got it dismissed, nolle prosequi. With a pre-trial diversion. I did 24 hours community service and good to go.

My H1 visa stamping in the next few weeks and I wanted to know what are the potential problems in the visa stamping? I am very worried as I read the charge that I faced is a cimt and wanted to be prepared for what to face. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank You!

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You need to discuss this with a qualified attorney, as this is a complicated issue. Several attorneys at MLF are designated to discuss complex criminal matters like this. I would suggest that you schedule a "criminal" consultation.

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What is your length of stay in the US until the incident. Shop lifting is a CIMT. If less than 5 it might become a problem - yet don't worry you have a good case if you explain well - or rather are allowed to explain in the interview. Remember - do not incriminate yourself or you have a right to remain silent.

Do you have the police report? Do you have the court disposition? Check if the police report has the conversation documented where the police were reluctant to press charges. That will help you bigtime.

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I also had a charge for cimt and case got dismissed after pre trial diversion class bo conviction for immigration if case dismissed without pleading guilty

But i was arrested and fingered so it may show up in poe and visa so im worried too when are u going for visa stamping?

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I am in  similar case. My lawyer told me since that's not conviction, there shouldn't be an issue.

How is your visa stamping?

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