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Revocation of visa by immigration officer @ PORT OF ENTRY 22 CFR 41.122 E

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Non Immigrants should alway be careful at port of entry. Immigration officers have ability to revoke VISAS. 
Airport Port of entry revocations in recent years for Non-immigrants: ORD, SFO.. (as per online data)

 Revocation of visa by immigration officer. An immigration officer is authorized to revoke a valid visa by physically canceling it in accordance with the procedure described in paragraph (d) of this section if:
(1) The alien obtains an immigrant visa or an adjustment of status to that of permanent resident;
(2) The alien is ordered excluded from the United States under INA 236, as in effect prior to April 1, 1997, or removed from the United States pursuant to INA 235;
(3) The alien is notified pursuant to INA 235 by an immigration officer at a port of entry that the alien appears to be inadmissible to the United States, and the alien requests and is granted permission to withdraw the application for admission;
(4) A final order of deportation or removal or a final order granting voluntary departure with an alternate order of deportation or removal is entered against the alien;
(5) The alien has been permitted by DHS to depart voluntarily from the United States;
(6) DHS has revoked a waiver of inadmissibility granted pursuant to INA 212(d)(3)(A) in relation to the visa that was issued to the alien;
(7) The visa is presented in connection with an application for admission to the United States by a person other than the alien to whom the visa was issued;
(8) The visa has been physically removed from the passport in which it was issued; or
(9) The visa has been issued in a combined Mexican or Canadian B-1/B-2 visa and border crossing identification card, and the immigration officer makes the determination specified in § 41.32© with respect to the alien's Mexican citizenship and/or residence or the determination specified in § 41.33(b) with respect to the alien's status as a permanent resident of Canada.

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