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Need urgent help-Stamping in Mexico

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        I need some help from you guys. I recently changed my employer and applied h1 with him. I got visa approved without I 94. USCIS asked me to go to hyderabad to renew my visa but I wanted to go to mexico for several reasons. First, it is very fast that we can get appointment dates as early as possible and second my wife is pregnant so I dont want to travel to India because of travel time.My visa and I 94 expired on Sept 30 with old employer.My h1 with new employer approved on dec 10th and I got my I797 yesterday then only I came to know that I did not get new I 94.

Please let me know if any of you guys been to any mexican consulate to get visa renewal recently.

Also pls let me know how many days is it going to get mexican visitor visa since my visa is expired I need to get one.

Is it going to be any prob if I go to mexico since USCIS asked me to go to India.I heard that many people go to either canada or mexico even though india is suggested.

My passport expiring in about 5 weeks. so while entering back to US do I get I 94 validity as per the visa validity or passport expiration date?

Is there any rule that passport should be valid for atleast 6 months to go to Mexico?

Can you also please suggest me any consulate? I am thinking of going to Matamoros.

Thank you in advance.

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You need to check relevant Mexico consulate website to know about passport requirements. From my understanding you need to renew you passport before you can apply for a visa to Mexico.

You also need to understand the risks you are taking as US consulate in Mexico might not entertain your visa application citing that a different consulate is mentioned in your I797 approval and also that if you are stuck with 221(g) you cannot enter US till visa is approved.


Even if you are able overcome these two obstacles your I94 will be issued till passport expiry, if you fail to renew your passport before your US visa stamping.

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I just called mexican consulate and they said its not mandatory to have passport validity for 6 months. But I am not sure how much time is it going to take to get visiting visa . They said it may take from 1 to 10 days. Did any of you recently apply for visiting visa and how many days they took to process it?

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Better to get your new passport and then apply, on your arrival to US, I-94 expiration date will be your passport expiration date.

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Here we go...I got my visa stamped in Matamoros Mexico yesterday.

As somebody said in one of these posts that passport should be valid for atleast 6 months.there is no such rule for indian citizens.passport should be valid.thats it.

Also came to know that even though hyderabad was suggested I could go anywhere for stamping because data will be accessed from anywhere using PIMS.So not necessarily need to go to suggested consulate. 

And,as jairichi said I 94 will be given only until the passport validity.


@chileno---you better get a good pair of glasses.I said I did not want to go to India because of the travel time which is about 24 hours and my wife is not able to sit for those many hours.you better first start reading the posts clearly and comment ..



Time lines of my visa stamp:

1)Got mexico visitor visa in just 2 hours as GNH said.fastest visa I got ever too.

2)first day of visa appointment -fingerprint and photo taken in just 15 mins.

3)visa interview day-not many questions asked.just who is your employer?where are you working?are you working at employer or client location?

do you have client letter with you?

thats it.no more questions asked.She said your visa approved and asked me to collect passport at 3 pm.I appled for my H4 renewal too.

4)went to visa office again at 3 pm and collectted passport in about 20 mins.

5)walked across the border.There is a border security and waited there for about 1 hour to get my I 94 renewed.


Wish you all the best for all stamping aspirants.


I will post my detaild visa experience in a new post.

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