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Earning extra income while on H1B visa through a hobby or something

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I am a H1B visa holder in US. I like photography as a hobby. I wanted to check if it is legal for me to earn money through my photography skills. I currently do not make any extra income other than my primary employment with the company that sponsored by visa. Some of the activities that I had in mind to possibly pursue 

- Sell prints online or otherwise 
- Money from some sort of photoshoot (family photshoot, portraits, weddings etc) 
- Photography workshop either in person / possibly online 
- Utilizing other photography related skills like help with editing images etc 

- I also wanted to clarify that earning money / rewards through some photography contest is not illegal ?

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That would depend on the type of the contests or competitions.

You can pursue a hobby, but you can't make money with it, not even from contests.

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