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Labor Certification -priority Dates question

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Hello All,


Quick Question regarding my Labor Certification Priority Date,


My employer filled my Labor in August 2013, but it went to audit in April 2014.


So he  told me that he had provided all the details needed in the month of May 2015 and would need to wait for an approval. 


Since then there was no update and finally oct 2015 he told that he was going to withdraw my petition and apply a new one as there is no update.


As told he started  filling a  Labor petition  again in November 2015 i.e this month but the question is  he mentioned that when filling the I-140 once labor is approved he said we can still use the August 2013 Priority date?but since we have withdrawn it already I am  not sure  if he is trying to pacify me  or trying to cheat me again.I feel he is strongly lying.


Please let me know if there is such possibility  like above mentioned? as I am on my 5th H1 I have to be careful and cautious. 





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The old PD is gone. It could only be reused if there was an approved I-140.

The employer obviously is clueless. They either need to get a better lawyer, or you should change employers.

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