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221G in Vancouver - Nov 9th

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Hello, I need some help here.


I had my Visa interview on Nov 9th. I have got a 221g for my H1B stamping.


VO asked whether my SEVIS got expired any time. I said I have joined second masters.


Here is my Case:


Came to US in 2011. Completed Masters in Computer science in May,2012. Got my OPT and then OPT extension. Worked on OPT till Nov 29, 2014. My H1B did not got picked up in the lottery in 2014. So, I applied for Masters in another university and started working on CPT from Jan 20, 2015. So,here, I may be out of sevis for 45 days or so. My H1B got picked up in 2015 and it was approved. 


VO did not asked me any other documentation. He just took my passport and I797.Nothing related to work  documentation were asked.


Finally, he said it needs some admin processing before the approval. When I asked how long would it take for the processing, he said, it wouldnt take too long but did not gave me any timeline. He also said I know you are here for your Visa stamping all the way from US and you need to stay in hotels and all.So, it wouldnt take too long.


Please share your thoughts and ideas on this.What admin processing can they do in this case? Any help would be appreciated.Does any one had similar situation before or know any one who were in similar ssituation like this? Currently, Im stuck in Vancouver.



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VO: Did you work on OPT?

Me: Yes

VO: How long have you been working in US?

Me: More than 3 years

VO: How often you get paid?

Me: Monthly Once

VO: Can you give your LCA?

Me: sure mam

VO: Can you also give me your Pay stubs?

Me: i handed over my paystubs

VO: Whats your annual income?

Me: 65k per annum

VO: Why is your annual income not matching with your pay stubs?( My paystubs salary shows 6000 per month)

Me: Again i told My annual income is 65000k per annum

VO: whats your back ground ?

Me: Computer science

VO: Masters?

Me: Yes mam


She took my Passport, I797,  LCA and Pay stub Your case need to go through special process. Hopefully you will get to know in a week.

Me: Do you need any documents from me?

VO: No

Me: How long it will take?

VO: Hopefully a week

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We Can transfer to another university with in 60 days after our SEVIS gets terminated.

If your SEVIS get terminated, you need to reinstate before it gets active again. Did you use the same SEVIS in your old university and new? If you've used the new SEVIS, then you need to reenter to get it active. Something is missing from your info.


SEVIS expiry is different from getting terminated, did you DSO or school delegate terminate your SEVIS for any reason? Or are you talking about SEVIS expiry (and not termination!)? where you can transfer your SEVIS within 60days of completing your masters?

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Its yellow slip



I also did second masters and planning to go Vancouver for stamping. Can you please share your contact details? It's very very urgent. Thanks

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