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Wrong address in LCA & I-129

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My H1 was approved in 2014 with wrong employment/client address in petition. 


My LCA & I-129 have same address "A" which is different from my working location "B". i haven't changed job/location since 2013.


Address "A" is 3 miles away from address "B",but however address "A" belongs to a Restaurant :(


I noticed this while putting all the documents together/ready for H1 stamping. What should be my next course of action on this..? I know i've to check with attorney but just curious if anyone else faced this situation!  


Error was done by Attorney/Employer on filling the H1 application.


Thanks in advance :)


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Ask your employer to file for new LCA with new address, if your address A and B are close by, you don't need to apply for H1 amendment (same metropolitan area). But check with your employer attorney. 

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Did you file new LCA or New LCA+Amendment?

Did you go for visa stamping?if yes, is it without correcting or after correcting?

If you went without correcting, what address did you mention for Client Location in DS-160?

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