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Eligibility to visit Canada on Business Meetings

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If one is on an h4 EAD and working full time in the U.S., can that person travel to Canada Office for business meetings if required.


The meetings could be for 1-5 days at the most and there could be 3-4 meetings in an year. They are head quartered in the US so the meetings could be in U.S too but I just want to know if its ok to visit Canada on EAD with a valid Canadian visitor visa (same as Business visa for Indian Citizens).


There will be NO pay in Canadian Dollars for the visit. Company will make the travel arrangements to go to Canada. Please advice.

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The EAD isn't a status. The H4 is a status. And the H4 and the EAD are US things. They have nothing at all to do with any other country.

You can visit Canada with a Canadian vias as required by the Canadian authorities just fine.

Even if you don't have an H4 visa (or if it is expired), you can come back to the US with the AVR rules (as long as the trip doesn't last over 30 days.)

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