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Can someone put their recent experience for stamping at Ottawa?

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I had an interview on OCT 14. Here is how the interview went on.


1) Got to the US Consulate at 15 before the appointment time.

2) After I got in to the consulate, a lady checked my passport, I 797 and proof of canadian Visa.

3) After that there was security screening and i went to a counter where a lady took my finger prints and kept my DS 160, passport and I 797 in order. and went to the interview Window. Here is how it went.


VO : You work for so and so company ?

Me: Yes


VO: What do you do for the company?

Me: explained my roles and responsibilities


VO:What is your salary ?



VO:Where are you based at ?

Me: I live in X City and work at Y City


VO:You seem to be in your 7th year. Do you have your immigrant petition filed?

Me: Yes I do from the same company.


VO: Your Visa is approved. You will get an email when your is passport is ready to be picked.

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I have had my Visa Interview in Ottawa on Oct 14th as well. Had my interview at 9:30. Reached at the embassy at 9:00. They let me in. As soon as you enter, an older lady checks your passport, DS 160 confirmation and I-797. Then you go thru the security check. There are 2 counters where you will provide the above mentioned documents and get ten printed.


There were only two windows open for interview. I had mine with the lady VO.




VO: What company do you work for?

Me: XYZ 


VO: Frist H1-B with the employer

ME: Said no and explained


VO: What is you do?



VO: What are your job responsibilities?

Me: Simple explanation


VO: What is your annual salary?

Me: Said I make XXX


VO: your visa is approved and will get an email when the passport is ready.


Important note is to be prepared , confident and answer to the point. Waiting for my passport.


Good Luck!

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Congrats reddy522. Did you get any update on the Passport status yet? I attended mine on 13th of this month, but haven't heard back a thing on the passport yet. Thanks.  

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Hi reddy, sheela

  As communicated, looks like there are some passport delays due to short of staff and printer difficulties. Will post here for any development. Is there a way to reach you guys directly, for quicker access? 


Also, Please do share if you see any change of status on your end, as it helps with the perspective. Thanks.

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Any updates guys.. I attended my interview for my H1b on 16th Friday Of this month. Looks like you guys attended the interview before that. Please let us know if you have any updates. 

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Hi..I received email from looms yesterday(10/20) night. I called them today(10/21) and they said they have my PP. I picked up PP and will be flying to US.

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