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Canada visitor visa applied online from USA on sep 16 2015. When I will hear back??

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Hi Forum Members,


I have submitted online application for canada visiting visa on sep 16,2015.


Same day i got confirmation and application number.


after that nothing changed. Can any one have idea when i will hear back??




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I have applied to NewYork visa processing office.


In processing days its showing 52 days. Not sure why it is like that.


I heared from many peopele like it will take 2 to 3 weeks.



By the way Yesteday I got message in MyCIC account to mail the original passport for stamping with return airway bill. I sent through USPS costs around 60$ for overnight delivery. one for payment to philadelphia and rest 2 are for visa office including return.


Below are docs they requested.


1) Original passport with atleast one empty page.


2) Photocopy of cashiers cheque. Fee 37.72$. I took cashiers cheque in chase bank. you can get money order in any CVS pharmacy.


Be careful, I hear they will send back the package if the amount is not exact or if you do round off.


Original Payment copy need to be sent to Philadelphia payment center. only this original payment cheque enough. no need of any additional documents. below is Philadelpia Address. you can mention application number in memo.


CSC Consular Services Inc.

LockBox 3352

PO Box 8500

Philadelphia PA 19178-3352


Bank draft/ cashiers cheque/certified cheque/money order are permitted modes. personal cheques not accepted.


3) IMM 5740 .we will receive this PDF in MyCIC messages. we need to take a printout.


4) VAC Consent Form. this can found in following url.




Note: If primary residence is India then there is an exception for giving finger prints.


Below is the address where you have to send the passport and other docs for stamping.


Canadian Visa Application Centre - NewYork

290 Madison Ave 2nd Floor

New York NY 10017


I will add my updates if I have any.




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Did you get your visitor visa? How long did it take? Please update. If it's taking 52 days for visitor visa it makes no sense.


Can we go to India and apply for Canadian visitor visa from Hyderabad Consulate in India? Do you know how long it would take from India? I live and work in the US on a h1 visa.

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neeta9 - As per official website, standard processing time for Canada Visitor @ NY center is 52 days, @ LA center is 42 days. In my case, I wanted to visit Vancouver for my H1B visa stamping, So ,I applied Canada visitor visa @LA center, it took only 5 business days to get it. most of my friends got within a week.


you can apply it while u r in USA or India or anywhere else in the world. but processing time depends on the country you are in while applying. you would have to check the processing time at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/temp/visitors.asp.


As per their website, Bangalore center processing time is 14 days.


All The Very Best

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i have an update guys.


Sep 16 - Submitted online application through MyCIC site.

Oct 7th - I received message through MyCIC to send the passport for stamping and sent on same day through (USPS) with return label.


Oct 17 - Got approved message in MyCIC.


Oct 20 - They sent the passport through USPS.I'm able to see the status using tracking number. I may receive tommorow if no issues as I took return label for overnight delivery.


so it took for me 36 Calendar days from the day I submitted online and to the date i receive the passport.


For some people over all process may complete in 3 weeks. Its all depends. For my friend it took 3 weeks.



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I received the passport today with canada visitor visa stamping.


I received for 5 years. ofcouse my passport will expire in 5 years.


Strange thing is no photo in visa. i confirmed with  my friend it wont be there.


Let me know if any one having questions.

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I want to thank Ddbr11 for this post. I was in a tough situation and all the advice on this post helped me a lot. Everything listed above is true. My story is as below:


Nov 13, 2015: Applied TRV-Visitor for me and my wife online on cic.gic.ca

Nov 27, 2015: CIC advised to send passports to CVAC in NY

Nov 30, 2015: Mailed both passports to CVAC NY through USPS with tracking. Also got tracking on the return envelope. Mailed payment envelope to Philadelphia.

Dec 03, 2015: CVAC NY received passports

Dec 12, 2015: Received both passports with visas stamped


To be noted, I was on L1B status and my wife on L2 with EAD when I applied for Canada TRV but our status changed to B1/B2 mid-application. Canadian Consulate is not worried about your status change mid-application. They will only check whether you have valid status in the country from where you have travelled to Canada.

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This post was very helpful to me. Here's my experience and timeline. I applied for myself and spouse. We both had visitor visas from Canada in the past.


Dec 2 - Submitted online application

Dec 7 - Received email saying "You have a new message in your MyCIC account". Tried to log in but CIC website was down.

Dec 8 - CIC website available in the evening of Dec 8 after being down for 2 full business days. Visa approved. Request for passport.

Dec 9 - Send passports and other relevant documents to VAC in NY. Money Order to Philadelphia.

Dec 11 - Passport delivered to VAC 

Dec 15 - Received email from VAC with application tracking number

Dec 17 - Tracking on VAC's website showed "Processing complete - passport in transit from the consulate to VAC"

Dec 18 - VAC mailed the passports using the return envelope

Dec 19 - Passports delivered with multi-year multiple-entry visas. The visas expire one day before passport expiry date.

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Hi Guys,


Do they still accept paper application in NY for canada visiting visa? If yes, what days do they accept the application?

I heard its faster than online application.



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I applied for my fathers Canadian visitor visa online application on April 2 nd, have not heard back from them yet . It is May 9th today. Anyone else on the same boat, how long will they take to process, we applied from India .

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