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Interesting PERM Case/ Audit Please help

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My employer filled my PERM in May 2013. I received an Audit on 28th Feb 2014 saying "Requesting employee an affidavit that no payment was made to the employer by me to file labor/perm."


I went ahead and sent a notarized copy of the affidavit to my employer and attorney took it forward and sent it to DOL next week. Since I heard that Audit will delay the labor approval, I didn’t bother to ask my employer about the status.


In Sept 2014, My employer received  docs/papers from DOL asking if they want to continue with my Labor. I received the similar papers asking if I want to continue with the employer. Our attorney answered it on behalf of both of us sometime around end of sept 2014. Again I never bothered to ask my employer about the status because I know the labor approval will be delayed after all these developments.


In march 2015, one of my friend suggested to check the PERM status in www.********.com and www.*************.com.

And when I did so, I was shocked to see the Status as Denied on 03/21/2014.


When I asked my employer and attorney, they seemed to be shocked as well because the denial date doesn’t make sense to us. If it was denied in March 2014, why would DOL send papers in Sept 2014 for the confirmation. Am I missing something?


Now my employer is planning to file another PERM.


Someone please help me, I will be very great full to you.

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