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EB2/EB3 -Which Category I qualify for ?

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I have a Question for my green card processing, I have given my education and work experience details below. If anybody could please answer my questions, I would be very thankful. Please let me know if you need any more information to answer my questions.
BSC (Mathematics) 3 Years course (2003-2006) (Full Time)
UTKAL  University,ODISHA,  India


Then I joined company 'A' in November 2006. and did my 
MS (Soft Eng.) 4 Years Course (2006-2010) (Work Collaborative with Company A)
from BITS PILANI India. Then I came to USA in H1 VISA in June 2011-till today( 4 yrs in H1B VISA with same company) 

Work Exp
8 Years 9 month as software ENG/Analyst (Nov 2006 till date)
(Have been working and studying together since 2006 till 2010,
then continued the same job till now after 2010)

As stated above, I have a three years bachelor in science degree, then a 4 years of work collaborative Master’s degree and then 4 + years of H1B stay in USA and continuing in US since June 2011 on H1-B (First Petition Approved in Dec 2010).

Question (1):
I wanted to know as of now, do I qualify for a GREEN CARD under EB2 Category? If not, will I qualify from EB3 category? Please help me here.

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The job requirements determine the category.

You could have a PhD, if the job only requires a bachelor degree, the case would still be in EB3.

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Hi JoeF,

I have question on same topic.

If the job requirement says Bachelors plus 5 years of relevant experience does it qualify for EB2 ?



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