This is my time to pay back to the forum from where I got lot of information regarding H1B Visa Stamp.   Back Ground: MS from decent (accredited)  U.S University.                       My first H1B stamping even after first extension                      EVVC Model with Client Letter   Location and Interview Date: Kolkata, India. July 30, 2015   My Experience goes as follows -    OFC Interview: On July 29, 2015. Only Passport and DS-160 Confirmation page checked   I had big packet prepared by my employer with all possible documents. On the day of interview, after entering US Consulate, an Indian VO prepared “required Doc” like PP, I-797, I-129, LCA and Paystubs from my file. He was doing the same for all other H1 and F1.    Actual Interview on July 30 (5-7 mins)   VO: Hi Me: Good Morning Officer VO: Good morning. Can I see your Passport and “required Doc”  ? Me: Handed Over VO: Whom do you work for and job title ? Me: Told him VO: What is your highest level of Education? Me: Told him. VO: Can you explain me your thesis? Me : (I did MS thesis) I explained that VO: When was the first time you visited US? Me: Dec 2007 to start from Spring 2008 Session. VO: Smiled. Do you have any end client ? Me: Yes. Told the name. He typed that name on his PC. VO: Are you married? Me: Yes. I am. I met my wife at University in US.  VO: Alright. DS-160 and application looks good to me. We just need couple of documents for an Admin Processing. Pls be seated, we will call you.    After that an Indian VO called me and asked for Client Letter and Mid-Vendor letters if any. I handed over. I got scared hearing about admin process, but somehow I was not showing the fear on my face.    After some time same Indian VO called me and gave me 221G white slip and asked to submit CV and Job roles MS word (Two different MS Doc) format via email just to see the matching. . He explained little what goes in there. It may take up-to 2-4 weeks. He said - we will hold your PP and “required doc” (which they made from document bunch) and will return both to collection center after admin process finishes. I requested that my client wants me to join back by Aug 17 as they have important deliverables. He said he will convey this to American VO and sooner I submit the asked docs, they can start working on it.   Me and my company’s immigration attorney was working on them on Friday (July 31). I also informed end client about the scenario and they may get questionnaire.    On Monday (Aug 3) morning a Indian lady from Kolkata US consulate called me asked me when I will submit that as they are waiting to start working on it.  I said yes, and will submit by today.   On Monday (Aug 3) night I finalized documents with my Company’s immigration attorney and emailed documents along with two supporting letters.   On Tuesday (Aug 4) morning, another lady from Kolkata US Consulate called me to re-format one of document for my job role as per 221g question-answer format. I did that by myself and re-submit.    On August 13 , I got to know  that Visa office contacted my end Client and Vendors. They replied immediately.    Meanwhile, I tried to call and email U.S Consulate. Every time they were saying under “Admin Process”.   I was preparing with my immigration attorney to send an inquiry email (may be from Senator) or so..   I was also thinking and gathering information on H4 (Since my wife is on H1B).    On Aug 29 - Status update date changed, but still “Admin Process”   On Aug 30 - Status changed to “Issued”. I also got an email later to collect passport. (Exactly after 4 weeks of document submission). I collected the passport and checked.    But they forgot bring original I797 with them. I requested VAC officer to confirm with Consular office that I-797 is safe with them, because without I-797 I can’t fly and if they loose it, I will be in huge trouble. VAC officer confirmed with Consular officer that I-797 is safe at U.S Consulate and they will hand over on Sep 3 at 2 PM IST. VAC officer called my on Sep 3 afternoon that docs are ready to pick-up.  I collected my original H1B petition and remaining doc on Sep 3.    Small suggestion - Those who are stuck with 221g or going with Employer- Vendor - Client model, it is imperative that your letters and documents reflect correct job roles, employer-employee relationship etc .  Also client’s reply to 221g inquiry is very important.   221g wait period is frustrating and extremely stressful. Please keep cool, stay focussed on contacting employer, client as and when needed and have faith in God. At the end of the day - you will smile !!