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Visa Approved @ Matamoros Mexico

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First of all, Thanks a lot to all the contributors of Murthy forum. Forum helped a lot in planning/preparation of my visa interview.


I got my H1B visa extension approved in Matamoros on 25th Aug.

(FYI, I had my first H1B visa approved in Vancouver Canada 3 years ago)


My ASC appointment was on 24th Aug and visa interview on 25th Aug. This is my second H1B. I've been working at one of our client place.


There is another guy attended Visa interview at the same time, (full time employee), also got approved.


Here are the interview questions:


Me: Good morning officer

VO: Very good morning, give me your passport, i797 and I-129.

Me: gave the docs.

VO: tell me about your work.

Me: started explaining about my role with my company and what I do as part of my job etc

VO: (while I was talking for about 20 sec, she asked) how long have you been with this company?

Me: 5+ years

VO: Oh, 5+ year!.. do you live in XX state?

Me: yes

VO: do you have I-140 approval and latest W2?

Me: yes (passed on the documents to VO)

VO: (verified the documents and then..) your visa is Approved, most probably your passport will be ready by 3pm today, we are having some system issues, it may be delayed, if so it will be tomorrow, we will update you.

Me: sure, thank you!

VO (gave me a slip with some number written on it, asked me to bring that slip for passport pick up.)


We have used Salvador's service. He's very nice and I recommend his service to anyone who's planning to go Matamoros for stamping (renewals only). 


I flew in from VA to Harlingen (nearby airport for southwest airlines) on 23rd Aug Sunday, from there driven to the boarder city Brownsville, parked the car at Duty free station parking lot ($5 per day). As scheduled, Salvador showed up at Duty free station by 5pm. Drove us from Brownsville to Matamoros (Bestwestern Hotel) in his car.


There is no Mexican immigration check while entering into Mexico. We were told that the check will be random sometimes, so be prepared and have a visitor visa to Mexico if you don't have a valid US visa.


Checked in to hotel, the hotel restaurant is closed Sunday. Front desk helped us to order some food from outside (they do accept US dollars, but give you change back in Pesos only).


Left all electronics including Mobile phones in the hotel room before going to ASC/VISA interview.


Aug 24th, ASC fingerprints appointment at 9am, we had breakfast at hotel, Salvador pickedup at 8:30 am, reached ASC in 10-15 min. ASC front desk staff verified passport and DS160.  Went through Security check and then to Finger prints section. 


The whole process took less than 15 mins at ASC. Salvador waited outside for us, took us back to hotel


25th Aug VISA Interview at 8am.

After breakfast, Salvador took us to Embassy, it is about 5 mins away from hotel. There is no waiting, we were only 3 people. Went through security, front desk verified Passport, i-797 and i-129 and gave us a token to be called by VO. Waited in the hall for about 5-10 mins. Token number called and the visa interview took bout 3 or 4 min.


We were able to pickup the passports on same day at 3pm. Checked out the hotel, Salvador's assistant dropped us at the boarder checkpoint (walk way). 


Crossed the boarder, entered into US POE. There is no big lane or anything, but there is hardly 1 or 2 people actively present at the counters.


We ended up waiting for almost 3 hours there itself.


Make sure you have a valid ID (or some document) that shows your current address, they are asking for proof of address. Have all the documents like old H1B's, old i-20's EAD's etc.


Hope this helps.. Good luck to all..!!                               



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Thanks for sharing and can you please share your Email address, I want to know the how to get Salvador services . Thanks

You can find my email id under my profile.

c4craigs   and it is gmail

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