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L1A to H1B

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I am currently on L1A(individual petition). both visa and I94 expiring on 30th Sept 2015.


in the mean time i have applied for H1B , which is approved with counsller processing as i had to Visit India before my H1 was approved due to a family emergency.


Now i am back in the US, my current employer is planning to get my L1 extended. here is the real problem, My current employer(who filled my L1A) wanted me to go to Canada and get the L1 visa extended by attending the interview. However my tourist visa to Canada has been refused saying that my status in the current country of residence is not valid beyond sept 2015.


So , now since i can not go Canada for stamping , my employer is saying that they will apply for my I94 extension.


will this  have any impact on the H1 ? 


if my I94 is extended , can my other employer who filled my H1 , request for COS ?


please let me know what my best possible options are ?

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Decide first for whom you would like to work. If you would like to L1 employer then let them file for L1 extension. If you would like to work for H1B employer then exit and enter US with a valid H1B visa and I797 on or after Oct 1st.

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