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H1B Stamping in Ottawa on Sep 2nd 2015

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Hi All, 


I have my visa appointment scheduled on Sep 2nd in Ottawa, please let me know if anybody would like to share accommodation.




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Hi Reddy


Nope, I haven't booked the hotel yet. Please update your email or phone in profile, so that I can give you a call or email




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Hi Sudheer,


I am planning to go for H1b stamping in Ottawa. But i am not sure what the process is and where to start. Would you please help me out




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Hi Below is the whole Procedure go though it 

For Canada Visa:
Follow the link and fill in 
IMM 5257 and IMM 5645 and Document Checklist
Things you need to post with the application form above
DD of US $190
Passport Original
2 Canadian Cut photos
Last 2 Bank Statements
Employer Letter
Last 3 Paystubs
Application form
Family Information
For United States Visa:
You need to get a Canadian visit 
 first(either through mail or in-person). This is the procedure for booking an appointment in Canada:

Fill out DS 160: 

1) Go to 

2) Select any Consulate in Canada and start filling the DS 160 Application (If you pick a different consulate later, you will need to fill out a new DS 160 form from this website)

3) Complete the first page, and Save your Application,.(This can be completed before your 

4) Note the Application ID, which is Displayed on the top. - This is required to book a 
 Slot initially.

Fee Payment $150:

1) Go to 

2) Click Log in on the Top, and answer NO to the Question that pops out.

3) Create an Account with all your details

4) Log in to your Account after creating the User Credentials. 

5) Pay the Fee using Credit Card.

Book an Appointment:

1) Log in to your account on 

2) Enter the DS 160 Appointment ID, to continue and choose the dates. 

3) Select a Consulate and search for the dates. 

4) If you confirm the appointment in a different consulate, you will need to enter a new DS 160, specific to that consulate and update the Application ID on your account from the same log in. 

5) Book an appointment with some Application ID as the required Dates are tough to get, and change the ID later as per the consulate


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