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GC for my daughter. Earlier I485 abandoned

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Hello every one. Regards to you all. I have a complex situation. Can someone with some sort of an experience like this help me with an answer.


Me and my wife have got our green cards in Oct 2014. My daughter has done her 10th, 11th and 12th grades here on the USA (Greensboro NC) but had to go back to India for her Engineering in CSE as I did not have a green card when she completed her 12th neither I had a permanent job. Though I filed the I 485 for my daughter, it had to be abandoned the last minute as she was not in a position to leave her studies for more than a week or two. She too got the same RFE like self and wife but in her case we could not answer it so I guess her case was dropped by the USCIS.


The current satiation of my daughter is as follows:


She is in the 3rd year 1st semester and would be completing her Engineering by Jul 2017.

She will be coming to the USA in Dec 15 and would be here the whole of the month. It would only be possible for her to come again only after she completes her Engineering i.e in Jul 2017.

She is unmarried and is right now 20 Years 1 month. So when she comes after her studies she would be 22 years and she will not be considered as a dependent.

Keeping in view the above are there any ways that I can take up her green card case fresh again. I hope the approved I-140 would be the base.


With regards

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Since she won't be able to file as dependent, your I-140 is completely out of the picture.

You would have to sponsor her under the family categories.

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Thank you for your answers. I think there is still a bit of time as she will be here only in Dec this year. And definitely I will be hiring a good law firm possibly one of Murthy's attorneys. How ever before all this I would like to know the following:


1. Possible options. She will be  completing 21 years on 27 Jul 16. Till that time I can say she is my dependent.

2. Road map for any selected option. I do not want it to again happen the way it happened with her green card. She can be in the USA only for a month in Dec this year and can be here continuously after Jul 2017.

3. The rough costs for implementation of selected option.


Can any Murthy's attorney help me with a possible solution.


Regards to all..

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It will not matter if she stays longer and drops a semester if the GC matter can be resolved. In an important matter like this proactively give the firm a call and retain them.

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Can any Murthy's attorneys please answer.

You need to schedule a consultation with them. They can not provide specific advice on forums. No lawyer can.

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