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H1B Extension and Amendment processing times

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I changed a client on 23Mar15(181 days from expiration) and my current H1B Visa is expiring on 19Sep15. My employer had applied for H1B Extension and Amendment in the same application. USCIS received the extension/amendment application on 4May15 and notice date is 8May15.


Its been almost 3 months but the application is still pending and no updates from USCIS. Can you please let me know how much is the regular processing time for H1B extension?

I read in the forum that Premium processing was suspended for H1 extension for some time. Can I upgrade it to PP now? 


Also my employer told me that I can't book the VISA stamping until my extension is approved. I am planning to visit India in few months and thinking to do stamping in Canada/Mexico so want to make sure extension is approved in timely manner so I can book the visa stamping date and plan a trip to India.


Expert, please advise. 

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3 to 4 months for a decision. Yes, you can upgrade to PP anytime.

What about a visa stamping in India?

That option is always there. The consulate is not in my city. And I just want to get the stamping done before I go so I can enjoy vacation fully without thinking about the stamping.

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I have been waiting since April 20... so wait times are more in the 4 months range right now it s

More than 4 months is too long. My application is in California office. to which office your application is?

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It appears  H1-B regular processing times have been delayed more than 4 months from Vermont and California Centers. Not sure what is the reason for this delayed pattern of  regular processing times. There is another update in this site, J1 visa got delayed from VSC, i suspect its same for H1-B too. any pointers ...?

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I am in a similar boat. USCIS received my application on April 28th 2015 but I haven't heard anything back from them. I can see receipt numbers greater than mine having been approved and those lesser than mine still pending.


I need to travel outside the country in 2 weeks. My visa expires on September 15th.


Does anyone know if its ok to come back before Sept. 15th or would I have issues at immigration asking me questions on visa validity?

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I upgraded the application to premium processing as I need to travel outside US in some time. USCIS received the application on 8/11/15 and got approval for 2 years on 8/25/15. 


Thank you all for your advise. Hopefully you will get the approval soon. Cheers!

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