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PERM job title mismatch

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    I am currently working as a Business Analyst and have a Bachelor of

Engineering in Computer Science.

    My employer is filing my PERM and has put in the following information:


1) Prevailing Wage

    i) Occupation Title - Software Developers, Application(SOC/O*NET(OES)

code - 15-1132)


2) Job Opportunity Information

    i) Job Title - Software Engineer

    ii) Job Duties - Some tools and technologies that I have used in my

past work experience


3) Alien Work Experince

    Mentions me as a Business Analyst in my current job

    Job details include my current duites along with the tools and

technologies mentioned above in (2-ii)


I meet all the requirements for Education.

But the Job Opportunity job title/duties do not match with the title/duties

that I am performing in my current role but match with my past experience.


Will this create any issues in the PERM and subsequent I140 approval?


Thanks a lot in advance!


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