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H1-B Travel Question

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I need to travel to India for a week in September: my current H1-B visa stamp is valid until 09/27/2015 and I plan on returning back to the U.S on 09/23/2015. A petition for extending the visa for another 3 years is currently with USCIS and I am hoping that I will have a decision by September. I have not changed employers and have been working for the same employer for the entire duration of my H1-B so far (6 yrs) Ideally I would have preferred to get the new visa stamped in passport while in India however I am not sure if this would be realistically possible given the short duration of my visit. In that regard my questions are:

1. Would there be any issues at the port of entry in the US if I travel back with 7 days left on my visa stamp and an approval notice for extension of stay unto 2018?
2. If I plan to get my visa stamped while in india, can I do so while my old visa is valid or would I need to wait until the visa stamp expires on 09/27/2015 in order to get the new visa stamped? 

I cannot delay, pull forward or extend my trip. Your input is much appreciated!! 


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Thanks  -  in case of #1 will the I94 have a validity of 6 days or until the expiry of the approved extension? 

Approved extension if you show that I797 at POE.

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