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Visa Approved @Vancouver

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Please find my interview questions below


What is your petitioners name ?
How long have you been working for this company?
What is Your Salary?
Please give me u r Pay stubs,license ,LCA?
Who is end client?
how long have you been working for client?
Does your employer pay on time?
Visa Approved!!

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Congratulations! Can you please keep me updated about the passport pickup? I've read several posts on late May that there are some glitches in the consular system and the passport pickup generally takes up to 8 days. I'm having an appointment on June 23rd and would like to know if the glitches have been fixed and whether I can book the flight back on Friday.


Thanks a lot!

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My status shows Administrative Processing. Nope i dint get my passport yet or the status change :-(


Same here but I'm a day behind you...When I was at the interview on Wed, there was a guy who had to come back because of the system issues on Tues. Apparently all over the world, they've had a few issues.


@ve71313: Hopefully you get the passport tomorrow. 

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I was there on 10th june 8am just few questions asked no documents asked. And told my visa is approved and told that there system is down and it will take 3 to 4 business days and given a white paper which has the instructions to check online.

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