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H1B -Intent to Deny Notice

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Hello All,


I have applied for H1B under STEM for 2016, and have completed my Masters in Science from Colorado Technical University in 2012 september.Few days ago, I have recieved an intent to deny notice stating the cause that Colorado technical University doesnt appear to be a public or Non profit US institution of higher education. So they are seeking evidence that the Colorado Technical University has public or Non profit status such as a copy of the school's articles of incorporation that were registered with the Secretary of State or a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service of the school's 501©(3) status. Can someone please tell me if submitting these documents will help get my H1B approved? Also did anyone had a similar issue, if so, what did he/she do to get the approval.


Thanks, Su.

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Only if they are a public or non-profit institution you are eligible for H1B under advance degree quota. Submit evidences to support your claim. If denied you need to go under quota next year.

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According to Wikipedia, that institution is a for-profit university.

A degree from a for-profit university can NOT be used for an H1 in the Masters quota. Only degrees from accredited, public or non-profit private institutions can be used, by law.

That means that your H1 WILL get denied.

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Yes, if you submit the requested documents then your H1 will be approved.


Except that he will not be able to submit such documents, because that institution is a for-profit university.

His H1 will get denied.

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Hi Suhasini


Can you please tell me your email address,i have some questions i want to contact you,your help will be helpful to me.


Why don't you post your questions here. Lots more people who can answer...

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