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GC Processing of F1 Students

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I am currently on F1 OPT Visa and am engaged in a contracting IT job, my question is whether i can start my GC processing now through my employer? If the answer is yes, am also planning to apply for my H1B in April 2016 Quota, so can i apply for H1B while my GC application is in process and are there any chances of rejection of H1B application as my GC is in processing?


Pls advise, thanks

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As far as I know, F1 is not a dual intent visa. You would not get far with GC application on F1 visa. I would wait till you get your H1B to initiate your GC process.

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Appreciate your response but in case if i have to travel back to my home country while i am on OPT, is there any risk involved while returning to USA at port of entry? The reason why i ask is, the purpose of F1 visa was to complete my masters which i have already completed. In case if they ask why i am coming back to USA even after i completed my masters, what am i supposed to tell them?


Pls let me know thanks.

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