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How to tell if you were picked in the lottery?

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If I received I797C, saying "we received your application" and it has a receipt number to track the case, does that mean:


1) I got through the lottery and just waiting for processing, or


2) They just received it before closing applications, still need to get through lottery.


The reason I'm asking is my lawyer screwed up the LCA and didn't get my application in till April 5, 2015. I thought that first letter meant we made it in before we closed (that's what my lawyer said) but everywhere else I've read says if you got a case number, you got through the lottery. Can anyone confirm this (preferably with a reference?)


This is for an advanced degree, regular processing.



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The H1 cap filings are permitted for a minimum of the first five business days in April. When the cases received during that time period meet or exceed the "cap," there is a lottery of all cases filed in that minimum time period. This means that a case filed on April 1, 2015 had the same chance of selection as a case filed (received) on April 7, 2015. Of course, it is less stressful when the cases are sent for delivery on April 1.

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