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Travel Plan while Green Card Renewal

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My brother is GC holder and it's by Employment, he recently applied for renewal and next week he got appointment for Fingerprints


how long it will take to get Green Card after Fingerprints?

and He needs to travel india to india at end of the month for 3-4 weeks for wedding, is it okay to travel while renewal in process? and Current GC expires this month end and port entry will be next month? if we can travel, what documents required 

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Firstly the Airline may not let him board the return flight even though they are supposed to honor an expired GC and let him enter. Secondly he will undergo scrutiny at the POE . His replacement GC will take time. He should discuss the matter with say the firm of Murthy before the trip.

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Definitely could face problem getting on the plane. That would necessitate requesting a transportation "foil" (previously a transportation letter) from the consulate.


Otherwise, could try to get a I-551, temporary evidence, stamp in the passport before departure. But, the USCIS may be unwilling to issue that stamp for a person whose GC is not yet expired.

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