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I-140 approved and trying to find job with totally different job description

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I got my I-140 approved in 2012 and my PD is August 12, 2011 and I have been on H1B for little over 6 years. My current employer filed my case under EB3.

Also my Visa got extended for 3 years until 2017

Now I am trying to get a job with different role and job description from my current job profile.

My questions are as follows

When my new employer files my green card,

1. Would I be able to keep my PD?

2. New Job description will be different from my previous one, does it impact my new application in anyway?

3. Files my case after my PD gets current, do I get new PD?


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3) If new employer files in EB3, then you don't even think of getting current in the recent times, until unless there is a miracle which nobody is expecting. If in EB2, it depends on when your new employer starts your GC process, processing time of PERM etc. There is no short cut here other then waiting for the next train

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Thank you for your response.

I have one more question.

My new employer will be starting my GC process after an year.

For EB2, As my new job profile is completely different, the new emplyer has to do labor and then do I-140. Correct?

At that time, if my PD is still not current, then can I get my PD with EB2?

If not I will get a new PD of 2016??

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