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RFE on simple H-1 extension due to Arrest/criminal charges

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I was arrested & released for 2 criminal charges but they were brought down in court to 1 criminal charge. Case is still pending & will be closed officially in Nov 2015.

I received RFE in Feb from USCIS for my H-1 renewal with same employer (H-1 expires in April 2015) requesting for max penalty of my original 2 charges to evaluate my status. 


1. How do I convince USCIS with evidence that I am still in status? My 2 original charges might cause me to get deported due to jail time but my amended charges wont, but I don't have court proof as its still pending case.

2. I have till May 21 to respond to RFE but H-1 expires on April 1. Will that make me out of status?

3. What if USCIS is not convinced regardless and they just want to cancel H-1 due to so much immigration reforms/heart burns going on in US, what are my next steps?

4. I was never out of status and no RFEs so far on anything at all in 10 years. Will this clean record help with my RFE situation?

5. Will this effect my EAD/AP/485 renewal or GC processing? My PD is Oct 2009 and waiting to become current to get GC.


Thanks in advance & appreciate your time.

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DO you have a lawyer? Tlak to both a criminal and an immigration lawyer.

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You know that you are posting on a thread that is nearly 4 years old, do you?

It isunlikely that the OP is still around.

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