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Can i use I-140 from previous employer for h1b extensions?

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I worked with Company A and they filed for my I-140 and it was approved. I joined company B, who filed for my PERM and that got approved , but before they could file for I-140, everyone was laid off. My question is - If i join company C, can they use my old I-140 to apply for a 3 year H1b ? 


Also -> USCIS case status website, still shows the last action date on the I-140 as the date when it was last approved, which i assume, means the old company did not Withdraw it or revoke . Is this understanding correct?




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My employer has a documented policy to withdraw PERM on leaving organization, but they don't withdraw the I140.

I want to understand the impact of PERM Withdrawl while not withdrawing i140 on subsequent Green Card life cycle? I am in 7th yr H1 with Employer 1 and based approved PERM and i140 (EB2) and looking to transfer H1 to new employer (employer 2)

1. If I join a new employer do I still need a new PERM and i140 from new employer for subsequent h1 extension?

2. If changing to 3rd employer (1st hasn't withdrawn I140) will approved PERM and i140 from employer 2 be required?

3. If I can continue changing employers without getting new i140 because employer 1 still has i140 for me, can the same i140 be used for i485?

4. Can i140 from employer 1 be used for H4 EAD if working for employer 2

Thanks in advance for your response

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