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Can I change employer

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hello all

 I got my EAD on dec 17th, 2014. I got an excellent offer from a different employer, when can I change my employer. Can I change my employers

Thank you 


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Suggested reading: AC21


Is your I-140 approved? You certainly don't want to leave unless it is approved because if they give you any RFE the old employer probably won't respond.


I have read that even if you get laid off before 6 months is over, most of the time it will not be much problem. That's provided you have an approved I-140, and the old employer did not revoke your I-140. They can only revoke I-140 within 180 days, so if you're past that you're golden.


If you haven't waited 180 days yet, be sure you leave on good terms with your employer? And certainly don't forget to get advice from your attorney.

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I am with Company A working for Client B. I have my i140 approved with Company A (which is a consulting firm) and about to extend my H1 beyond 6 years based on approved I140.


Now the Client B wants to hire me full time. Is it ok for me to join Client B? They are are ready to sponsor GC for me right away, but as you all know it would take a min of 1 year to get the the I140 approval. 


In the mean time can Company A revoke my I140? If so will I loose my priority date?


This is a classic case to show why we need pre-registration for I140 approvals, but since we dont know anything about the Executive Orders, what are my best options?


Thank you!

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It is OK ti join if you have not signed any agreement with A.  PERM followed by I-140 approval will take 1 yr if you are lucky.


Company A can revoke I-140. You will not lose PD because of that.

Executive Orders is years away from implementation.

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