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New born baby citizenship and wife's delivery on H4 visa.

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Need inputs. I am on H1B visa staying with my wife and daughter on H4 since 1 year. My wife conceived this month and unfortunAtely or this year I took medical plan BCBS for us which has yearly family deductible 0f $5500 to start my insurance plan actually paying 80:20 ratio. I heard delivering a baby here in USA is very very costly.Do I have a option to opt for any other insurance plan. I checked with my employer insurance and they said it can't be updated changed next year.

I am thinking of sending her to India after 6 months of pregnancy when my daughters vacation start in june. this will help her proper care and I can save cost of delivery.

Also, If my wife remains in US for 6 months but deliver a baby in india in October will the new born baby a citizen of USA? While returning back to USA with her new born baby do we need to apply for a visa for new born baby . What's is the actual procedure?

Appreciate your inputs.

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A child born in the US is a US citizen. A child born abroad to non-US citizens is NOT a US citizen, and would need an appropriate visa to be admitted to the US.


Open enrollment for insurance plans are usually every couple of months for a short period. Check with the insurance, you should have gotten the paperwork from the insurance company. Your company's HR should also know, but the insurance guys know best.

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If your child is born outside of US, he/she won't be a US citizen, unless one of the parent is a US citizen. And about, having the baby delievered here in the US. Yes its a costly affair. It may cost anything from 25k - 50k, depending on the complexity of delivery. Even with medical insurance, I have heard people paying anywhere from $50 to $6000 (deductibles/co-insurance and other good stuff).

Did you try healthcare dot gov? I don't know of the dates, but if the dates are open for this year, you should be able to get the medical insurance there.

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Citizenship issues apart, I would recommend having a child in the US if you can financially afford it. The whole process is a lot more simpler and family friendly when compared to India. Most Indian hospitals still do not allow the father to be present during childbirth. (Metros might be an exception).

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