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Successful stamping on dec 23rd in vancouver, canada.

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Hi All,

I would like to thank folks who have posted their visa experiences on Murthy forum. Those posts have helped me immensely to prepare for my interview. Now, its my responsible to pass info.


I had my interview on Dec 23rd at 7am and its for my first H1B extension visa stamping and i got approved first h1b last year at calgary. mine is  EVC model.

I went to 6:40am to consulate. they asked to stand in line at 7am appointment people at 6:45am and started to verify pp, DS -160, I-797 at 7:05am.

next goto 1st floor, 1. security scan, 2.DS-160, photos, pp verifications 3. finger prints


after waiting 15min (at 7:45am), security team asked 1st set 5 people come to 20th floor. 


VO(counter-4) called my number at 8am.


Me : GM, gave pp,I-797, DS-160 to VO

Vo verified my old H1B stamping employer name and I-797 employer name.


To following questions were asked by the VO.


    1. how long are working for your employer?

    2. what do you do for them?

    3. do you work for client and who?

    4. can i see this year paystubs and last year w2?

    5. what do you do in client place? make sure more elaborate on work. he  asked couple of times to explain more.

     6. Can I see you LCA copy?  complete client location address?

    6. where did completed bachelor's degree?  can i see you b.tech transcripts? 

    7. Did you study in the US? where?


After few minutes of typing, he told me that my visa is approved and will receive my passport in 3-5 business days.



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status updated at 7am - Issued.


who ever got approved on 23rd dec 2014 - any one see waybill number in https://usvisa-info.com/ account?

Hi Dolly -


Friend and I had interview on 23rd DEC - waiting for Way Bill Number - Update me here whenever you get the WBN - Will do the same.



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My Interview - 23rd Dec

23rd Status - Administrative processing

24rth morning - Issued

25th morning - got email with way bill number with tracking info in it


26- 28 - holidays. So I guess there will be another update on monday or tuesday

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