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Successful visa stamping F1 to H1B, Dec 16th @ Ottawa.

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Wanted to share my visa interview experience at Ottawa on Dec 16th. I would like to thank for all the support I received from this forum.



My Interview was at 9 am, I was at the embassy at 8:40. After all the security checks, My passport, DS 160 and I-797 was collected. These documents were next put in a yellow colored pamphlet and I was given a token number. Finally, after a few nervous moments my token number was called.



me: Good morning.

vo: Good morning.

vo: So who do you work for?

me: I work for xyz company.

vo: what do you do for them?

me: I work as a developer


I work for a reputed client, so the VO next asked me a company specific question to which I gave an appropriate answer.


vo: alright, your visa has been approved and he took my passport, DS 160. He gave me a paper with the website to keep a track of the status of the passport


me: thank you.


My interview took 15-20 secs, no documents were asked but the officer was reading and typing all throughout our conversation. I got the passport two days later on the 18th.



My advice: Prepare your documentation well, give honest answers but keep it short and articulate. Good luck to everyone.


Follow the checklist provided in this forum, it's a comprehensive list. Also if you are going for F1 to H1b, please prepare to answer questions about your master's degree.


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