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My 221G Experiance in Jamaica

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I attended interview on October 28th. I got 221g pink slip. A white  middle aged woman with curly hair interviewed me. She is in counter 23. 


Here is the interview questions:


* Where are you from?

* Who is your employer?

* Which university?

* Specialization in masters?

* On which status you worked after masters?  (I have f1 visa for only 2 years. That's why she asked that question i think. But not sure. I said OPT. Then she is getting confused and went to next counter to discuss something with other VO. Then both came to this counter decided to give pink slip. She took pink slip and kept a side and asked some more questions )


* Are you married?

* When is your return ticket?


After that she said we need to do some administrative processing. it will take one month also. Then she handed pink slip to me. I told if you want any documents i am happy to provide now. Then she said no. We have all your information we will contact you using your mobile number or email id. After that she took my resume and gave back my passport and I797.


I wait almost one month there is no response from consulate. Everyday i used send an email to consulate to check the status. But only 2 times i got reply saying that we are still doing administrative processing. 

Even my attorney try to reach the consulate every week but she got same response.


Finally on November 28th my attorney got an email from the consulate to submit my passport for final processing. They gave an appointment on December 1st 


So i went to consulate on December 1st to submit my passport at 11 AM. After security check i directly went near all the counters. I told to the lady  security officer that i came here to submit my passport for my 221G case and i showed my email confirmation and pink slip.

Unfortunately that security officer sent me to different counter where regular visa interviews is going on. I am supposed to go counters 16-20 where generally everybody will submit their passports for their final processing.


There is no waiting for me , directly that security lady sent me to counter 25. It is small room. VO is lady visa officer age is around 45 i think. i told her i came here to submit my passport for the final processing of my 221g case. She gave a strange look at me and asked  why you came here this time and this counter. I just said security officer sent me here. With the frustrated face she took my passport, I797 and pink slip. 

She opened my case asked following questions.


* So you are staying in Jamaica from October 28th right? 

* How is Jamaica?

* Where are you from?

* Tell me your roles at work?

* what is your company will do?

* What software you implement and how it is helps to your client?


She took 10 minutes look at my case. Finally golden words came after long wait that my visa is approved. Collect your passport from the DHL. 


When i came out of the small room the previous security officer came to me asks me where is your passport then i said i submitted on counter 25 and got a white slip stating that my visa is approved, then she said you are supposed to go counter 16 sorry i sent you to wrong counter. She said anyways your visa is approved. You can take an exit.


Then again waiting starts almost 2 weeks after approval of my visa  still my status showing as Administrative Processing. Generally people who got approval in Jamaica their status will change to Issued in 2-3 days.  I used send an emails to them everyday after December 8th asking that why it is still showing as Admin Processing. Again no response from the consulate. Finally on December 15th i got reply from the consulate come and pick the passport at 1.30pm directly from the consulate. I went there and collected my passport. 


Here is some useful information to you.


To check the status of your status: https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx

To contact kingston emabassy: KingstonNIV@state.gov

To check the status of your passport delivery after visa approvalacari_contactus+jm+courier+en@visaops.net




Reid : +1876 4207102(He is tourist guide and helping most of the time to our Indians for transportation . Available on whatsapp)

Tony: +18763523360 (He is also tourist guide and helping most of the time to our Indians for transportation . Available on whatsapp)


OnTime Taxi: +18769263866 (This is local taxi service available immediately. They will come in 5 minutes to pick you)






Finally i am not encouraging anybody by posting this. try home country for stamping.


If you still want to go to Jamaica then plan for 2 weeks.  Because after your visa approval it will take 2-3 days change your visa status from Administrative to Issued. After Issued status it will take 4-5 days to deliver your passport to DHL. It may be longer but not less than that.

 So instead of staying 2 weeks in Jamaica better to go home country for stamping.


One more thing Kingston embassy is very slow in processing 221g cases and also visa approvals. They wont give the response to your emails most of the time.And there is customer service number.


I stayed there almost 50 days. I saw almost 25-30 221G cases in my 50 days of stay. Most of them not posting their experiences. I saw many worst cases there. Most of the people who got 221g there they cancelled their processing in Kingston and booked new appointment in India. That is the reason people are not aware of it. Guys i am telling you again this is not fake news about 221 G cases. I saw many people who got 221g. 


Even your visa is approved in the first time they were taking time to deliver the passport.

It was not easy like before.Before October they used to give the passport in 1-2 days. But not now. They were taking minimum 7-8 business days. So you should plan 2 weeks at-lest if you still want to go.


Again i am not scaring or encouraging anybody by posting this. This just what i saw from the last 2 months.


So think once if you still want to go. 


Hope this helps you.










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