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Urgent Help Employer refusing to give EVL - 485 RFE

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Dear Experts,

My EB3 application was filed by Employer A in December 2004 and filed I-485 in 2007. Later I moved to employer B  who filed a new EB2 Application and after I-140 approval, EB2 application retained priority date of EB3 thus making it current.  I recently left Employer B (after working one year) and  I received a RFE on I-I485. It asks me to provide employment verification letter . I went back to employer B for the letter and they are refusing to issue EVL.
Right now i am in the middle of joining another employer C but in a different role .
I really appreciate any experts advice on responding to RFE.  What are my options?
I am wondering - should I get it from employer C (future/sponsor) or current employment B? Attorney of EB2 application recommends employer C (future) whereas attorney on file (EB3) recommends current employer (B). Please answer urgently. 
Here is the text from RFE:
Submit a currently dated letter or other evidence from your intended permanent employer that indicates your current position, if any, your proffer position, the date your began employment, and the proffered salary or wage. The letter must indicate whether the terms and conditions of the employment-based immigrant based visa petition (or labor certification) continue to exist.

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Just want to update about my RFE

I have got EVL from my current employer and my attorney submitted AC-21 on Jan 20th and we got decision/welcome email on  today Jan 27th.

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